Right around the time we moved into our new home, BLT opened up across from our place. We had a feeling we might like this new hotspot, with its perfectly styled interior, swanky logo and tasty looking menu and as it turns out, we were absolutely right!

Not only is each and every dish we’ve tried so far fingerlickin’ good, BLT seems to be run by the sweetest people in town, and we’re really quite picky when it comes to good service.

BLT is in this case short for “Breakfast, lunch and tapas” instead of “Bacon, lettuce, tomato” , but there are variations of this American classic available on their menu. Our personal favorite? The CLT, a chicken sandwich that haunts our dreams since the first time we tried it. Apart from sandwiches, BLT serves eggs, breakfast classics like pancakes and some more refined dishes like Vitello Tonato and even Lobster (you have to order in advance for this one). All ingredients are fresh and the dishes are prepared with uttermost care, making BLT not just another lunch spot in town.

The interior is very fresh, reusing many elements of the optician that was located in the building before BLT opened its doors. Clean lines, midcentury furniture, finished with a light blue ceiling for a sweet touch.

Must do: head on over to BLT on a sunny afternoon, sit down on the terrace and enjoy a plate of homemade tapas and a glass of violet water. You will definitely not regret it.


  BLT Antwerp

Tue – Fri: 9:00 – 17:00
Sat: 10:00 – 17:00

Lange Lozanastraat 292
2018 Antwerp

  • Kelly

    Will keep this address in mind next time I’m in Antwerp!