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Regent’s Canal Snapshots


Regent’s Canal was built during the early 19th century and passes various North London parks, the London zoo, repurposed warehouses and other former industrial sites. It was originally built to link the Grand Junction Canal with the River Thames. Now, the canal mostly serves as a place of leisure for Londoners on sunny days, and on these days it really is an amazing place for a jog, bike ride or a stroll. Read more ›

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New York, Travel

First in Business


Two weeks ago, Brussels Airlines invited us to fly to New York with them. In Business Class. We’re not even going to pretend that we weren’t jumping up and down with joy, of course we were! Isn’t it a fantasy of many travel addicts to fly business and enjoy all the perks? Read more ›

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NYC // Reynard

Reynard Brooklyn // Wythe Hotel NYC

This one was on our to do list before Dieter and I arrived for the third time together in NYC. With most of the “touristy” things checked off our list or not high priority, that leaves a whole lot of time for brunching, wining and dining (or cocktailing and dining, as we do most of the time). The Wythe hotel was a must on our list in april this year, and so, after visiting the Brooklyn Flea and before heading over to Roosevelt Island, we went for brunch at Wythe’s ground floor restaurant Reynard. Read more ›

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Snaps from Brazil

Just a few shots from our trip to Brazil from Rio and the small town of Paraty! After these two stops we traveled to Sao Paulo to enjoy the world class restaurants, shops and bars.  Next up was Brasilia, doing nothing but architecture spotting.  Read more ›

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Barcelona, Shop

La Central


Even when you do not read Spanish books, this shop is a heavenly shop to get lost in during an hour or so. There are different La Central shops around Barcelona, but my favorite is most definitely the one situated in MACBA. Way back when I used to study at the university next door, a day of classes would often end with browsing the racks of this bright bookshop. The space is in the same building as the museum, designed by Richard Meier, and is white and pleasant, with big windows to let the sunshine in. Read more ›

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Anna Belle’s perfect day in Barcelona


Meet Anna-Belle! She’s a travel blogger and currently a resident of New York city as a postgraduate student at NYU. She’s travelled the world and  has a passion for yoga and diving, but I met her when we were still in high school. She was 16, I was 18, and we’ve been friends ever since. Back in 2010, she spent her erasmus in Barcelona, and got to know the city pretty well. This is her perfect day in the beating heart of Catalunya. Read more ›

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Berlin // Voo

I went to Berlin with my boyfriend for a short weekend to visit some friends in march of 2012 and it was magical. The weather was amazing, we went to see Florence and the Machine in Columbiahalle, and we spent hours talking over brunch, dinner and drinks. The 48 hours we spent there seemed like an eternity (in a good way!). Read more ›

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Tramshed - The Epic Guide to London

Remember the show “Cow and Chicken” on Nickelodeon? Well that’s actually the idea when you go to East London restaurant Tramshed. It’s either steak or chicken you get on your plate. And oh, the chicken comes with its legs still attached.

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The Epic Guide to Las Vegas


Back in the summer of 2010, we went on a month long roadtrip in the USA with no less than 11 friends. It was right after my graduation and I think it’s safe to say it was an unforgettable vacation. Our first and last stop was Las Vegas, which despite its fake exterior had more to offer than I first thought. So here are some snaps and addresses from the few days we spent there, no tequila, no Elvis impersonators, I promise. Read more ›

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Brasilia Snapshots

Brasilia - The Epic Guide

Somewhere in the middle of the twentieth century former president Juscelino Kubitschek decided to take a piece of desert and turn it into Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Up to then, it had been Rio De Janeiro, but Kubitscheck wanted to move the capital to the centre of the country, and since there wasn’t really a city there, he made one. Consequently, Brasilia is one of the few cities built from scratch, based on a complete masterplan. As an architect, my boyfriend wanted to visit Brasilia for so long. This summer, we made it there and he was very excited to finally see this manmade heritage in real life. Read more ›

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