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Lisbon Snapshots

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The Epic Guide to Rotterdam

On a very rainy saturday , Le boyfriend and I went to Rotterdam. 20 bucks and 37 minutes and we were there. To be honest, I don’t think we will be going back anytime soon, at least not without a specific reason. It was kind of depressing to see how empty the (rainy) streets were on the last weekend before Christmas, so we spent our time mostly in cafe’s, restaurants and museums. We actually did quite a lot: 2 coffeebreaks, lunch, dinner, drinks, a little windowshopping (meh), an exposition called The Road to Van Eyck (meh), one about architect Louis Kahn (great stuff) and we visited the Sonneveld house. Read more ›

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Antwerp, Shop

The Recollection

In the beginning of September 2013, The Recollection came to town. An amazing new concept store in my favorite street in Antwerp: De Kloosterstraat.

The Recollection houses clothing and accessories, interior objects, art, books, beauty products and even flowers. It’s a unique space where you can spend your time browsing the impressive items The Recollection has to offer. From Australian beauty brand Aesop to the designs of Maison Martin Margiela, the shop slash gallery is one big paradise for people who love fashion and design. One thing is for sure: this shop is a must when you’re visiting Antwerp. Check out the website for details on their amazing brands including Piet Hein Eek and Haustier. Read more ›

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Welcome to Dishoom, A Bombay style cafe in London with a nostalgic wink to the early 20th century. No noisy, sticky or smelly scenes here though, but rather a sleek London version of what you dream  Mumbai would have been like back in the day.

I have to say I am not a big fan of Indian food (too many bad memories from our trip in India), but I would definitely visit Dishoom again, if only for the decor, atmosphere and great cocktails. Others that can appreciate the food have shown some love for the food as well though, as you can see here. Read more ›

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Drink, New York

NYC // Le Bain

Remembering how happy I was sitting on top of The Standard Hotel in NYC makes me want to hop on a plane and go back asap. Maybe I should wait until the next heatwave hits, so I can go back to Le Bain. To drink cold cocktails, lie on the waterbeds, get served by waitresses in cute tennis outfits and look at this view. Simply amazing. Read more ›

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Barcelona, Sleep

Hotel Praktik Rambla


Last spring, we embarked on yet another citytrip to this wonderful city and stayed in hotel Praktik Rambla, right in the centre of the city on Rambla de Catalunya, in one of those typical amazing Barcelona buildings you can find in the area.

I loved staying here. The location is perfect, the service is good and the interior, well see for yourself! The interior of this place was decorated by my favorite decorator from Barcelona, Lázaro Rosas Violan, who also did Boca Chica/ Boca Grande. He created a wonderful modern atmosphere while respecting the original details of the building, and the details are absolutely wonderful! I’d definitely recommend this place. Read more ›

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Barcelona, Drink, Eat

Boca Chica / Boca Grande


We were so happy to discover Boca Chica/ Boca Grande on our trip to Barcelona in november of 2011. This then new bar and restaurant, just off Passeig de Gracia, simply oozed brilliance. It had been open since August and had already managed to become all the rage. To us, it felt like a spark of hope in this beautiful city that was being hit hard by the crisis. After reading some reviews online I found out opinions are divided, it seems like a love it or hate it kind of place. Read more ›

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Eat, London

Pizza East

Ah, this is a true must visit on your London itinerary. Pizza East is a well known Shoreditch restaurant, where you can grab a quick and tasty bite before diving into the East London nightlife. But you can just as easily go forbrunch there, and so we did on a very sunny sunday in november. An advocado sandwich, a coke, and the sunlight warming my face trough the windows is all I need to be happy. Read more ›

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London, Shop

Columbia Road Flower Market


When we lived in London for a while, our home was close to Columbia Road in the East end. The great thing about that is, that on sundays, this street hosts a flower market where you can buy cheap fresh flowers. Even if you’re not planning on lugging around flowers on the Eurostar/ plane, the hustle and bustle in this street is pretty nice, and there’s a lot of stores around selling other things. Oh, and then we haven’t mentioned the food yet: bagels, calamares, fresh take away coffee. Great place to start your sunday. Read more ›

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Antwerp, Architecture, Shop

Garde-robe Nationale


 This is a very special shop to us, because it was Dieter’s first big project in his own name. Garderobe National is an amazing boutique in the Nationalestraat in Antwerp, carrying a lot of Belgian brands.

The shop consists of two radically different parts. The entrance of the store is bright white, while the area around and leading up to the fitting rooms is all dark wood. The two parts are sliced diagonally from ceiling to floor, creating a dramatic yet playful atmosphere. Read more ›

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