Berlin // Voo

I went to Berlin with my boyfriend for a short weekend to visit some friends in march of 2012 and it was magical. The weather was amazing, we went to see Florence and the Machine in Columbiahalle, and we spent hours talking over brunch, dinner and drinks. The 48 hours we spent there seemed like an eternity (in a good way!).

While we were there, our friends showed us a wonderful store called Voo, a multibrand store in a former locksmith’s shop Kreuzberg that offers brands like Acne, Wood Wood and Minimarket, but also magazines and little gifts in a wide price range. This was right up my alley, and if you’re ever in Berlin, this store is most def a must see. If you’re not really in a shopping mood, there’s also a cafe in the shop that is definitely worth checking out. And, oh, there’s always the online shop!

Voo & CK’s espresso bar
Oranienstraße 24
10999 Berlin

Mon–Sat: 11:00–20:00