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The Epic Guide to Rio de Janeiro

The Epic Guide to Rio // A design lover's travel guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I was in Vietnam recently and started thinking about past travels and my favorite places that we’ve seen, and I realized Brazil might be right up there on the list. It’s just so vibrant and the vibe is very different from any other place I’ve been. While I think São Paulo is my favorite city, Rio is not to be overlooked. Stunning views, amazing beaches, good food,… With the Olympics going on over there, I’m constantly reminded of the wonderful time we had and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some favorites in Rio. Look them up if you’re planning a visit!

The Epic Guide to Rio // A design lover's travel guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Read more ›

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Brasilia Snapshots

Brasilia - The Epic Guide

Somewhere in the middle of the twentieth century former president Juscelino Kubitschek decided to take a piece of desert and turn it into Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Up to then, it had been Rio De Janeiro, but Kubitscheck wanted to move the capital to the centre of the country, and since there wasn’t really a city there, he made one. Consequently, Brasilia is one of the few cities built from scratch, based on a complete masterplan. As an architect, my boyfriend wanted to visit Brasilia for so long. This summer, we made it there and he was very excited to finally see this manmade heritage in real life. Read more ›

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The Epic Guide to Rotterdam

On a very rainy saturday , Le boyfriend and I went to Rotterdam. 20 bucks and 37 minutes and we were there. To be honest, I don’t think we will be going back anytime soon, at least not without a specific reason. It was kind of depressing to see how empty the (rainy) streets were on the last weekend before Christmas, so we spent our time mostly in cafe’s, restaurants and museums. We actually did quite a lot: 2 coffeebreaks, lunch, dinner, drinks, a little windowshopping (meh), an exposition called The Road to Van Eyck (meh), one about architect Louis Kahn (great stuff) and we visited the Sonneveld house. Read more ›

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Garde-robe Nationale


 This is a very special shop to us, because it was Dieter’s first big project in his own name. Garderobe National is an amazing boutique in the Nationalestraat in Antwerp, carrying a lot of Belgian brands.

The shop consists of two radically different parts. The entrance of the store is bright white, while the area around and leading up to the fitting rooms is all dark wood. The two parts are sliced diagonally from ceiling to floor, creating a dramatic yet playful atmosphere. Read more ›

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