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The Epic Guide to Hoi An

The Epic Guide to Hoi An, Vietnam - travel guide

I have to be honest about Hoi An. It was not my favorite stop in Vietnam, even though I’d only heard wonderful things beforehand. Too crowded, too touristy, and the only place where we felt the people were unfriendly on a regular basis. (I actually heard this a lot about Hanoi, but we didn’t experience it.) Because of all the tourists, we felt like we were in a Disneyland version of Vietnam, which looked great on pictures but didn’t feel so great when in front of every other yellow wall there were people doing a photoshoot for their instagram.

It’s possible that we were there at the wrong time (july) and you’ll have a completely different experience. And with that in mind I’d like to share the things we did enjoy in Hoi An. Here goes! Read more ›

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The Epic Guide to Rio de Janeiro

The Epic Guide to Rio // A design lover's travel guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I was in Vietnam recently and started thinking about past travels and my favorite places that we’ve seen, and I realized Brazil might be right up there on the list. It’s just so vibrant and the vibe is very different from any other place I’ve been. While I think São Paulo is my favorite city, Rio is not to be overlooked. Stunning views, amazing beaches, good food,… With the Olympics going on over there, I’m constantly reminded of the wonderful time we had and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some favorites in Rio. Look them up if you’re planning a visit!

The Epic Guide to Rio // A design lover's travel guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Read more ›

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Praised by all the tourist guides and definitely still one of the nicest views in town: Montjuic. We try to go back to this viewpoint every time we visit Barcelona and enjoy the sun on the stairs as we look over the city. Read more ›

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