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Right around the time we moved into our new home, BLT opened up across from our place. We had a feeling we might like this new hotspot, with its perfectly styled interior, swanky logo and tasty looking menu and as it turns out, we were absolutely right!

Not only is each and every dish we’ve tried so far fingerlickin’ good, BLT seems to be run by the sweetest people in town, and we’re really quite picky when it comes to good service. Read more ›

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Café Cometa

Cafe Cometa in Barcelona via epic-guide.com

If you’re a fan of colourful spaces, tasty juices and service with a smile, Café Cometa is the stop for you when you’re in Barcelona. Located in Sant Antoni (currently the hippest Barrio in town), Café Cometa is a place that takes you from breakfast to dinner. Get your morning coffee, a light lunch or a fresh zumo for an afternoon energy boost. Read more ›

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Paris // The Bistrologist

We must admit that, even though it’s super close to Belgium, Paris has never really been “our” city. People often say that you’re either a fan of London or Paris, and if that’s really the case, Paris doesn’t stand a chance. What can we say? London is, as you may know, a favorite.

I feel Paris is a tad overhyped and the people are often so unfriendly I find myself in awkward situations I’d rather avoid when abroad. Getting scolded for simply being around is not on my holiday to do list. There are times, however, that Paris surprises me. There are worse things than shopping at Aesop in Le Marais or visiting an Impressionism expo at Musée d’Orsay. Read more ›

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NYC // Roebling Tea Room

The Roebling Tea Room is located in a former industrial space in Williamsburg. Just go up the steps and into the big dining room for brunch, lunch, dinner or -what’s in a name?- tea! The restaurant is owned by former rock musician Syd Silver, and the food is by the hand of self-trained chef Dennis Spina. Both the space and the food you get on your plate have an eclectic and relaxed vibe, and according to many (oh so many!) reviews, Roebling offers amazing dishes. Read more ›

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The Epic Guide to Las Vegas


Back in the summer of 2010, we went on a month long roadtrip in the USA with no less than 11 friends. It was right after my graduation and I think it’s safe to say it was an unforgettable vacation. Our first and last stop was Las Vegas, which despite its fake exterior had more to offer than I first thought. So here are some snaps and addresses from the few days we spent there, no tequila, no Elvis impersonators, I promise. Read more ›

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Welcome to Dishoom, A Bombay style cafe in London with a nostalgic wink to the early 20th century. No noisy, sticky or smelly scenes here though, but rather a sleek London version of what you dream  Mumbai would have been like back in the day.

I have to say I am not a big fan of Indian food (too many bad memories from our trip in India), but I would definitely visit Dishoom again, if only for the decor, atmosphere and great cocktails. Others that can appreciate the food have shown some love for the food as well though, as you can see here. Read more ›

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NYC // Le Bain

Remembering how happy I was sitting on top of The Standard Hotel in NYC makes me want to hop on a plane and go back asap. Maybe I should wait until the next heatwave hits, so I can go back to Le Bain. To drink cold cocktails, lie on the waterbeds, get served by waitresses in cute tennis outfits and look at this view. Simply amazing. Read more ›

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Boca Chica / Boca Grande


We were so happy to discover Boca Chica/ Boca Grande on our trip to Barcelona in november of 2011. This then new bar and restaurant, just off Passeig de Gracia, simply oozed brilliance. It had been open since August and had already managed to become all the rage. To us, it felt like a spark of hope in this beautiful city that was being hit hard by the crisis. After reading some reviews online I found out opinions are divided, it seems like a love it or hate it kind of place. Read more ›

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