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The Epic Guide to Hoi An

The Epic Guide to Hoi An, Vietnam - travel guide

I have to be honest about Hoi An. It was not my favorite stop in Vietnam, even though I’d only heard wonderful things beforehand. Too crowded, too touristy, and the only place where we felt the people were unfriendly on a regular basis. (I actually heard this a lot about Hanoi, but we didn’t experience it.) Because of all the tourists, we felt like we were in a Disneyland version of Vietnam, which looked great on pictures but didn’t feel so great when in front of every other yellow wall there were people doing a photoshoot for their instagram.

It’s possible that we were there at the wrong time (july) and you’ll have a completely different experience. And with that in mind I’d like to share the things we did enjoy in Hoi An. Here goes! Read more ›

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The Epic Guide to Rio de Janeiro

The Epic Guide to Rio // A design lover's travel guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I was in Vietnam recently and started thinking about past travels and my favorite places that we’ve seen, and I realized Brazil might be right up there on the list. It’s just so vibrant and the vibe is very different from any other place I’ve been. While I think São Paulo is my favorite city, Rio is not to be overlooked. Stunning views, amazing beaches, good food,… With the Olympics going on over there, I’m constantly reminded of the wonderful time we had and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some favorites in Rio. Look them up if you’re planning a visit!

The Epic Guide to Rio // A design lover's travel guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Read more ›

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Right around the time we moved into our new home, BLT opened up across from our place. We had a feeling we might like this new hotspot, with its perfectly styled interior, swanky logo and tasty looking menu and as it turns out, we were absolutely right!

Not only is each and every dish we’ve tried so far fingerlickin’ good, BLT seems to be run by the sweetest people in town, and we’re really quite picky when it comes to good service. Read more ›

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Café Cometa

Cafe Cometa in Barcelona via

If you’re a fan of colourful spaces, tasty juices and service with a smile, Café Cometa is the stop for you when you’re in Barcelona. Located in Sant Antoni (currently the hippest Barrio in town), Café Cometa is a place that takes you from breakfast to dinner. Get your morning coffee, a light lunch or a fresh zumo for an afternoon energy boost. Read more ›

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El Nacional

El Nacional via

We just arrived back in Barcelona this morning, but were lucky enough to bump into the opening of “El Nacional“, an ambitious gastronomic space of over 2600 square meters, set in a converted parking lot and featuring multiple restaurants and bars. As it turns out, it’s the newest brainchild of genius restaurateur Lluís Cañadell (of Boca Grande fame, another one of our Barcelona favorites) and interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, who really outdid himself again. The extremely detailed and completely custom bars, furniture and lighting pieces evoke the atmosphere of the Barcelona of the thirties and forties. Together with the perfect background music and a mouthwatering choice of quality food from all corners of the Iberian Peninsula, it’s just an incredibly immersive experience. Perfection! We’ll be back for more… Read more ›

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Paris // The Bistrologist

We must admit that, even though it’s super close to Belgium, Paris has never really been “our” city. People often say that you’re either a fan of London or Paris, and if that’s really the case, Paris doesn’t stand a chance. What can we say? London is, as you may know, a favorite.

I feel Paris is a tad overhyped and the people are often so unfriendly I find myself in awkward situations I’d rather avoid when abroad. Getting scolded for simply being around is not on my holiday to do list. There are times, however, that Paris surprises me. There are worse things than shopping at Aesop in Le Marais or visiting an Impressionism expo at Musée d’Orsay. Read more ›

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Boy do we love a good burger. Hawksmoor is definitely the place for a good burger, and a good steak for that matter. Some even say the best steak in London, but that doesn’t mean Hawksmoor is all posh and pretentious about it, on the contrary.

Hawksmoor was founded by childhood friends Will Becket and Huw Gott, and is now four London restaurants strong. These four places have the following things in common: the decor features a lot of dark wood and art deco inspired elements, the staff is always friendly and helpful, the locally bred beef is always great. Read more ›

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NYC // Roebling Tea Room

The Roebling Tea Room is located in a former industrial space in Williamsburg. Just go up the steps and into the big dining room for brunch, lunch, dinner or -what’s in a name?- tea! The restaurant is owned by former rock musician Syd Silver, and the food is by the hand of self-trained chef Dennis Spina. Both the space and the food you get on your plate have an eclectic and relaxed vibe, and according to many (oh so many!) reviews, Roebling offers amazing dishes. Read more ›

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NYC // Reynard

Reynard Brooklyn // Wythe Hotel NYC

This one was on our to do list before Dieter and I arrived for the third time together in NYC. With most of the “touristy” things checked off our list or not high priority, that leaves a whole lot of time for brunching, wining and dining (or cocktailing and dining, as we do most of the time). The Wythe hotel was a must on our list in april this year, and so, after visiting the Brooklyn Flea and before heading over to Roosevelt Island, we went for brunch at Wythe’s ground floor restaurant Reynard. Read more ›

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Tramshed - The Epic Guide to London

Remember the show “Cow and Chicken” on Nickelodeon? Well that’s actually the idea when you go to East London restaurant Tramshed. It’s either steak or chicken you get on your plate. And oh, the chicken comes with its legs still attached.

Read more ›

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