Paris // The Bistrologist

We must admit that, even though it’s super close to Belgium, Paris has never really been “our” city. People often say that you’re either a fan of London or Paris, and if that’s really the case, Paris doesn’t stand a chance. What can we say? London is, as you may know, a favorite.

I feel Paris is a tad overhyped and the people are often so unfriendly I find myself in awkward situations I’d rather avoid when abroad. Getting scolded for simply being around is not on my holiday to do list. There are times, however, that Paris surprises me. There are worse things than shopping at Aesop in Le Marais or visiting an Impressionism expo at Musée d’Orsay.

Last thursday, I found myself in such a surprising Paris situation. I visited Angers and Paris with Cointreau and after dinner and bar number one, our group ended up in The Bistrologist for a last round of cocktails. Ending up in a place with good drinks can’t come as a surprise when your guide is Alfred Cointreau, descendant of the original Mr. Cointreau himself.

The Bistrologist instantly spoke to me. Dark wood panelling, lush & elegant benches, rich wallpaper and oh, great drinks! Those great drinks are the work of Greg Hazac, who was also bartender at Le 29 and The Bistrologist’s predecessor Le Secret. Hazac created  an interesting cocktail menu of around 20 house creations that are most definitely worth a taste. With a location so close to the Arc de Triomphe, this place can’t be too far away from your itinerary.


The Bistrologist

16 Avenue de Friedland
75008 Paris
+33 1 53 53 02 02

Mon- Fri


Special thanks to Coitreau Fizz for taking me to Paris!