Regent’s Canal Snapshots


Regent’s Canal was built during the early 19th century and passes various North London parks, the London zoo, repurposed warehouses and other former industrial sites. It was originally built to link the Grand Junction Canal with the River Thames. Now, the canal mostly serves as a place of leisure for Londoners on sunny days, and on these days it really is an amazing place for a jog, bike ride or a stroll.

When the sun comes out, people get out their tiny London flats to have picknicks and drinks by the water and Regent’s Canal gets that village vibe within the city. A great way to take a break if you’re worn out by the busy streets. And if you’re not, checking out the various quirky houseboats is still well worth it.



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(Since we lived East, most of our snaps are from Regent’s Canal in Hackney. Regent’s Canal is easily accessible in Hackney, but also in Camden and near Primrose Hill.)